Friday, August 11, 2017

Touching The Heart

During my vacation I was at Vetlanda slott with a friend and the guide there told us about the length of kings from mostly the time around Gustav Vasa.Overall he touched a couple of hundred years after that century too.

Our history is our roots and we need to be educated on it and repeat it as well.

A talented metalband from Sweden has a song about The Last Stand.

Ok, have you ever liked classical music? I am not especially an expert on that kind of music but yet I like the most well-known composed masterpieces like Mozart´s Elvira Madigan.

There is a movie with the same title of Bo Widerberg. called Elvira Madigan from 1967:

Let me finally recognize two of the best female singers in the rock history from Heart, Ann and Nancy Wilson.

The two latest songs:

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Slaughter The Dragon

Why am I still blogging?

I assume you have met this kind of question and similar and I won´t answer to it either.I don´t need to motivate it at all.I just feel for it.I am passionate as I like music.That´s still an answer, though it don´t need any further explanation.

Bloggers come and go, they always have.

Out from internet marketing or another interest, they come and go.Not to mention the political blogs, often connected to Twitter.

The name of my blog is, yes, a name of a band, though it is as much a name of a blog.

The video up there is one of the most well-known songs through many years.I saw a program yesterday about ABBA and wow! the attention of the band was incredible.

Typically, they were as recognized outside Sweden as in our own nation.

However, true swedes have always been intersted in a good attitude towards our own culture and traditions, especially conservatives.

Even if this isn´t a political blog it is imossible to avoid that area in all situations.Therefore I am deeply dissapointed at Roger Waters bad attitude towards Israel.

He is describing Israel as a dictatorship, more or less and I couldn´t disagree to him more than I do.Israel is the most obvious democratic nation in the whole middle east and he don´t want to see that, that´s it!

No excuse, many don´t want to see their position as they have to defend all the time against attacks from other sourrounding nations.

This instrumental song is about the war in the spiritual world between God´s angels and satans fallen angels.

Sweden is a part of Scandinavia and so is Norway

Guess a very, very well-known hit with a certain band which comes from that country?

Finally here a favorite with Rainbow:

You Are Chosen!

Get Rid Of Your Fears!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Johnny´s Band

Are you good to go?

Starting up a band isn´t so hard.It is to market it and reach the goals that is harder.

Unfortunately it is very exciting for many people today to listen to bands who are lifting up satan.

One band which has started up in our town here isn´t exactly doing that, that is at least what they claim, yet they are called Hin Håle.And as many know that is an expression for the christians enemy, namely satan.I won´t ever get involved in a debate which aims to criticise a specific style even if I find some styles too extreme as well.I am interested in why they chose such a name.

The answer will be the same, it is on the spiritual level.

In the spiritworld we find reasons to certain conflicts and war between Gods angels and the demons from the dark side.

I know that the atheists want to claim this kind of war doesn´t take place, however it is a reality.

The first time I heard this sharp song I immediately felt it would schock the religous people in Sweden and myyyyy, it did.

It wouldn´t be the same effect today but in the late 80:s and the beginning of the 90:s the christian climate was at that level.

That was after a time where many good christian bands had ended and no band had expressed so sharp until then as Jerusalem did.A very good band through the ages from the 70:s until now.

Today the controversial discussions are more political and a question how you relate to the national/global questions and all sorts of questions related to that.Yet, the church has began to move a little bit again and we can feel the beginning of a renewal again even if it don´t evolve quickly, direct.

This instrumental song was composed out from awareness of the situation in our nation where chaos is a reality in some areas, not all, of course but yet in hospitals and schools, for example.

Get it into order again.We must see more action from the police in the suburban areas.We even hear about such sensivity as they want to take away the use of that expression, suburban??

Is that some kind of solution, to end the using of certain expressions? That is a very weird way to go, at least in my world.

And the follower of the latest instrumental there became this one:

Ok, and the future of my musical project, what will that be.Honestly, I take one day at the timeand I will see what kind of possibilities that arise along the way.

Here, a story about a new band.Keep in mind that I have played  in several bands in the past.I don´t know if my readers know that.I took up the music now again after a long break.


News Update!!

My latest song here about Imagination!

To all Vikings out there, be a Spiritual Viking!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Experiences, use them

The musicworld will always live in one way or the other.

However, different opinions on how it is run will always exist as well.

Do they discover new talents who really appreciate not only the music in itself but also the lyrics.

When you discuss this with others they claim they are hardly not listening to lyrics at all, they only remember a positive part of it.

I can understand that but when we grew up we were discussing the content of the lyrics mainly in symphonyrockbands but also some other bands.

The best managers want to care about the whole musicmarket in a more responsible way.

Concerning the lyrics there....

                                                         So, so you think you can tell
                                            Heaven from hell
                                            Blue skies from pain
                                            Can you tell a green field
                                            From a cold steel rail?
                                            A smile from a veil?
                                            Do you think you can tell?

                                            Did they get you to trade 
                                            Your heroes for ghosts?
                                            Hot ashes for trees?
                                            Hot air for a cool breeze?
                                            Cold comfort for change?
                                            And did you exchange 
                                            A walk on part in the war
                                            For a lead role in a cage?

                                            How I wish, how I wish you were here
                                            We're just two lost souls  Swimming in a fish bowl
                                            Year after year
                                            Running over the same old ground 
                                            And how we found 
                                            The same old fears 
                                            Wish you were here

Do you like the poetry in the lyrics there?
Many years ago when I studied different forms of poetry I wondered what use of it I would have in the future.
Today, I understand I got use of it when I am writing lyrics to my songs.

Part of the lyrics here....

Seek God´s Kingdom and His righteousness and you will have the timing in it all.

Yesterday I was involved in a discussion concerning being a christian vs. an atheist.There were more people in the discussion and we came to the conclusion that it is always a matter of faith or not.

It is always a matter of experiences and if you have experienced God in a personal way or not.

I have had this video before but I have chosen it because it tells you so much about the christian faith.

If you are down in your life you can rise again as a person due to the power in Christ and overcome the hard paths we all some time in the life have to go through with different experiences.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Third Way

What to do to avoid the ditches?

Keep your feet on the ground and avoid the ditches.

Use your common sense!

Sure, you can get angry over both insanity in the political world and you can get frustrated over the crap in the musical world.

When I grew up I appreciated when my friends introduced me to symphonyrock and some other styles.I began playing in the first band and we played in the church in my hometown then and they couldn´t understand that they had to understand my new way in life then.

Then, eventually I moved up to Jonkoping to play in a christian hardrock band.We were out in Sweden and played at different places and towns.

The band after that was called John after John, the baptist in the bible.

Like prophets we believed in delivering a strong christian message to the music.This is many years ago.

So, what is happening now?

Well, of course my blog is here updating you on that and I mean something with my one man band even if it´s solely my music on You Tube.

Common Sense is The Third Way.

News Update!

My latest instrumental one here:

Europe, Rise Again!!

The Mountain Challenge....

Friday, June 30, 2017

Take it to Heaven

Take it to the next level!

Whatever you are blogging about, prepare yourself for the next level of it.

Be inspired of.....the good lust, the good desire, the right music and be passionate.

To be stuck in low desires is to invite the death but to strive for the higher way of good desires is something better.

Take it to your home, take it to the next level......take it to heaven one day!

What are your needs? We all have needs on different areas and we all need basic things in life, we all know that.

Not only the work and other duties but also deep needs as music and other needs which the evolvement may bring you to in your walks and ways in the life.

Pretty hard for the computer to learn to play, eh? It takes a human to play the tunes, that´s how it is!

If you have been blogging in the past but became tired of it you should consider to pick it up again.

You may discover to blog from another angle when you are starting all over again.

Heading for the weekend I am motivated to motivate you to pick up blogging again.Often it is a question to get rid of the heavy stuff in our brains that constantly wants to bring you down.
Finally, have a fantastic weekend, please watch one of my songs here:

Seek God´s Kingdom and His Righteousness:

Friday, June 23, 2017

Don´t Limit Yourself

Don´t limit yourself as a composer.

Remember to build a character.

I suppose you have seen me in a hat in various recordings and that is a part of the brand.

Find your niche, you can´t represent all styles in what you are doing and composing.
What styles do you like, what styles have you for the most been inspired of?

Only The Sky Is The Limit:

Take it to the next level and keep the love in what you are doing.

Listen to constructive tips from those you are surrounded with, listen carefully to them cause if they are serious they want to contribute to what you are making as a whole.

In the beginning they won´t come in thousands to you but there could be something bigger from the small you are beginning with.

This second instrumental one is about the truth that all stars have been lonely for a while while they started out once.

Then some of them became stars, some other didn´t make it that far but maybe they became good, local talents at least.

Genesis has always been a true inspiration for me and I listened to Duke´s Travels And Duke´s End many times.During that times they realy made their music, not any plastic copies of each other, they were really uniqe similar to many bands that were founded then.

Nowadays we hear a lot of tries to copy other bands and singers, many tries to make covers and even worse many rap and hip-hop bands.

Covers are ok. but honestly many of these rap and hip-hopbands are nearly destroying parts of the music industry.

Finally there, another instrumental contribution, inspired of the productions of Hellborg, Jens and Anders Johansson.


Now I am using my microphone in my recordings, ok!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Like A Hurricane

Many bloggers have stopped blogging and one can wonder why.

Is it resignation or is it lack of inspiration?

If you have been blogging you should know that there are many bloggers out there who want to read what you have.

You don´t need to be the best in the world of everything, stop that uthopiaway of thinking.If you have a talent, make what you can with that gift.

Don´t press yourself too much but know that you can share a lot to your circle of readers.

Strive for the best quality you can, don´t give up!

I have often had the feeling from Mike Oldfield that he is the musicteacher when he is performing.

That´s more than music!

My blog is about more than only music, it´s about general tips of blogging and some other time about ideas in the financial world as I am investing and saving in fundshares and with success.

In November I will go to Gothenberg, Scandinavium  

with a friend, the subject for the jorney is a concert with Scorpions....

Rock you like a hurricane.....

I hope you will be able to avoid  The Stormbringer:

What lies behind the next corner? The next opportunity?

Don´t miss my latest song:

See The King!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Time of Flowers

It sounds a little strange but one can actually be addicted to write too many songs.

However, as a songwriter and maker of lyrics I have found that one can solve that with sorting the worse ideas from the better ideas and only keep those which really holds in the end.

Whatever you do, don´t stop the flow of ideas in your head, that would be like stopping your own life and your own personal evolvement.

It is Wednesday and schools out for the most pupils in this time of year.

Don´t be like Alice Cooper even if he had some points with his hardrocksong on this theme...

What kind of hymn do you associate with Scool´s Out?

We are having this in Sweden....

The 70:s was the time for the flower-power movement and Woodstock was the world-known festival with many bands like Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and many others.

And since then the big arenaconcerts and similar festivals have been more frequently represented in various size.

Take a look at Deep Purple rocking at Wakken, for example:

Do you prefer the music coming in this time or do you prefer the music of

The Good Old Days?

News Update!!

My latest instrumental here...


I can´t write about every subject here but I want to share my experiences  from internet marketing and from time to time share general tips on blogging too.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When That Wall Fell Down

My latest instrumental song is called Berlin.

If you remember Scorpions MEGA-Hit on the theme, you now know what the blogpost is about.Let us first pay attention to and listen to this Hit that everyone knows something about.....

Every era of time has its falling of a system and a rising of a new system and in this time we will clearly see how the extreme kind of Islam will fall.Especially will The Western World beat the terrorists in this time.

This is not a political blog but I want to touch base with what is happening in society today.

A great song which want to stir up the European feeling in me is Ultravox, Vienna:

I absolutely love the initial part there building up to the rest of the song and the singer is singing with a convincing melody in it.

That hit and many other similar became the big hits of the 80:s and here is another one with Duran Duran.

Yes, of course, a well-known hit building soundtrack to that Bondmovie.

Finally a talented guitarlegend Janne Schaffer from Sweden playing with no other Bjoern J.Son Lindh....

My latest instrumental one here about the good old days when I and many others grew up with band like Deep Purple, Marillion, Genesis, Alan Parsons and Pink Floyd to mention some of the biggest, the hat off for them!

However, here the hat is on.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Hope In The Dark

And there it happened again, a suicidebomber has gone crazy again and many innocent youngsters were murdered or injured.

Typical for a time like this were many patterns reminds us about the time for the cold war.How to protect against these losers? They show their hatred actions against society and democracy and one of my songs which I have presented before has got a text about this:

During the 70:s we could read about this terrorattack during the olympic games:

And in this time it all started with the terrorattack on World Trade Center....

We have to stick to our open society, defend democracy even if everyone who wants to see the whole picture of it should know that this is a series of escatological events that will end in the most extreme of all societies where the mark of the beast will show and everything else of the escatological aspects of what The Revelation Book tells us about.

That of historical events noone can stop, only delay.

A hopeful album of this band is here,


And Finally the latest song I have published on the same theme:


For those who might wonder about the business I am doing when it comes to fundshares I can tell you that part is doing well and I have brought in good profits so far, this year.I have also recognized how much in focus BitCoins is in today´s internet business overall.It would be sound if they could see BitCoin as a complement to what banks are dealing with, not as the replacement for traditional papermoney and currencies. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

You gotta serve somebody

The society of today is so violent that it´s sometomes schocking.

Murder after murder and all sorts of criminal activities.

My christian friends always say that Jesus is the answer and of course, as a christian I agree 

However, I am glad that we also have the possibilities within a democracy to chose the party we want to and possibly even can engage even more if someone has that call.

I am not any time to the left politically but to take an example from Bob Dylan.

Either you are serving God or Mammon.

You can never mix The Church and The Government with each other, there always has to be a distance there or we would get people who would require teocracy instead of democracy and the is simply unrealistic.

A band as Whitesnake, does David Coverdale always sing about sex and drugs or do they wake up as the grow older?

I would say, yes and no but the lyrics are more often more mature as the time passes by.

The man with the good heart, Coverdale.

Whitesnake is playing hardrock with blues in the bottom.

Here are my latest songs:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tear Down That Wall

How many styles of music are you interested in?

Before I am going to handle this object I have to adress that the changes my blog has been going through is a process that depends on that I found out that the investings/savings I have besides my regular cleaning job are enough, I didn´t need my firm longer besides my regular job.

When I grew up I listened to many styles and learned that many bands have a lot of references when it comes to bands and even classical music.

I was inspired by jazz for a period but that went to a journey where it ended into too much of experimental jazz and I moved on to symphonyrock and hardrock again.

What about more calm music? Ballads, calm instrumental music

Scorpions is a metalband who likes to deliver some very strong ballads from time to time and I am sure you know many of the most wellknown of them, here is one:

The lyrics is about when the wall between West-Germany and DDR fell and it became obvious for all what really had been a reality on the communistic side of wall.

Therefore, The Wind of Change.

Well, well, how about the story behind one of the most well-known hits you have heard.

Here is one of the most played covers, Black Night and the riff behind...

Different issues in the english schools are handled in the well-known
album The Wall of Pink Floyd.

We don´t need more walls between teachers and pupils, we don´t need more walls between nations either.

A spritual wall in form of disbelief and different obstacles in your mind is another dimension.One of my songs, Tear Down That Wall: