Tuesday, June 21, 2016

From Fish To Yngwiee

When I started to play in the first band I played with I didn´t know what it would lead to.

This hasn´t lead to a worldcareer.It lead to a move to this town I now live in.I met one of the members in that second band down in my former society where I grew up.

The first band was called Daybreak and the second Solid Faith.

The third band was called John after the prophet John in The New Testament,Still no album recorded but several concerts on different places in Sweden.

Whatever I have done in my life I have learnt that God wants me to fill some kind of need.

I have a regular cleaning job.Besides that I have several interests where the music is one of them.

I will try to find other members to my band if that door will open, otherwise I will share my music as I am doing right now.If you want to share music from bands you like you should join this group on fb,

A classical hit there by Marillion, a band I listened to during the years where I grew up.I wanted to listen to a broad menu of bands and learned a lot.

A "teacher" I always had was the former hammondorganist in Deep Purple.....

Jon Lord here:

Here is Jon playing a masterpiece which shows the broad repertoire he had, he is gone since many years now.

Yngwiee Malmsteen has always learnt a lot of some classical composers from the past.This masterpiece clearly shows his talent connecting to a orchestra.


Here is my latest song to you all! The lyrics is this time in swedish, I hope you can hang on!

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