Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I don´t smoke, that came from Montreux

What kind of programs on televison do you prefer?

Romantic films, thrillers, drama, historical documentaires or sport?

Why do you watch TV and how many hours run away?

We as humans are social beings and it is very important to take time with others.I have a regular cleaning job offline so I meet several very nice people on a daily basis.When the weekend comes it could happen that I have my time for myself.However, the weekend after that something interesting happens and it is time to get out watching a movie on the cinema or to get out to the favorite restaurant to spend some time of quality with a good friend or two.

We have different needs on different areas and we can´t say that we don´t have it, it would be like saying, that we aren´t social beings at all.

It would be like neglecting basic needs in our lives overall.

I want to show you my latest song here for you again even I contributed with it on my former blogpost.A little about the lyrics here.

You may think it is a little tricky twist with the text there but imagine if you should have reason to be satisfied in your life in comparison to the situation for people living in dictatorship or even very poor countries?

You may think that we have so many problems in the western world as well and ofcourse, to a degree that is true.Yet, it is a huge difference in comparison to a nation in deeper needs and straightforward poor countries.

My text isn´t about all of this but anyway, here it is again:

I am singing in swedish there.If you have followed my musicblog, you have discovered that I have both songs in english, instrumental songs and also songs in swedish.

I was in Kristianstad in southern Sweden some years ago and watched David Coverdale and the rest of  Whitesnake.

Here we can see him performing in his early career with Deep Purple.

I would guess you immediately can guess what song it is.

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