Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Look Beyond The Surface

The Smile.

Do you smile all the time?

A smile is for the most, something good.

However, many "Ponzilike" scamartists have been trained in a tricky smile to fool many people.

The financial sector has been sverely damaged the latest years due to the many scamartists.

In many speeches we can hear globally we can hear about that we are living in a time that is like the 30:s and we have a truth in that statement.Then after that we can hear that the worst threat against the democracy comes from the national movement today, not to mention Donald Trump which is described as a clown more or less.Do have sufficient proportions and perspective in what you state.

The biggest threat today against the democracy comes from IS and the extreme wings of Islam.

Well, from a little view of politics to music again.

My latest contribution on the musicheaven is this one.....

Who can look into the depth of your soul?

Only the friend you know more than others, the near friends you have.Others can only speculate on your thoughts.

The deep ocean of your soul is something you have to care enough about.God knows how you are doing.even if you are trying to lie in front of the world and smile, even if the heart in your soul cries, you won´t be happy.

Real happiness isn´t built on lies and a corrupt beahviour, it is built on true emotions and a honest attitude.

You should look beyond the surface, you should be honest to yourself.

Something "Deep" defeated the former World Champion, Garry Kasparov.......


This instrumental song is my latest one...

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