Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Coming Later....

I am very productive as a songmaker.

Out of 50 new songs I am counting on coming out with and focus on say, ten of the best ones so I can plan to learn them upside and down.I don´t have a concert yet so I will continue to share them here on my blog.

However, I hope you are aware of that all my songs are gathered on my You Tube-account.

My Channel.

 As you may know I have founded a group on Facebook called Share The You Tube-favorite.

I suppose you have heard about Rick Wakeman?

One of the greatest keyboardlegends, here is a video where he is taking requests.

Of course, I have learnt a lot of different covers through the years but I prefer to write my own material.

So stay tuned for my next song here, coming later.......

Alright, here my latest stuff about The Cityman.

He knows how to move, he knows what he like, he knows what he want.

My latest contribution here.....

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