Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How will the Cyberwar look like?

Wow, how much of talk about the current situation after every decision from Trump and his administration.And not a single word about the need of americans have to get a job back in their nation.

Aware of this, I have to say that we have to be able to live in a society where we have different opinions.

Of course, Trump can´t go too far either in his agenda and his politics but I am not against him for that.He could now be a fresh wind in the political world.

We have to be able to live in a world where we can accept that others have different opinions than our own.

What kind of values do we have in today´s society and what should we compare with?

Let us go back into the times where the musicindustry were young.

An excellent female singer, yet so heavy problems and struggling with drugs all the time until she died from an overdose.

The western culture has so much of a base in the christian culture, so why so much of sex and drugs combined with the excellent rockstyle?

It doesn´t necessary has to be like that.Every band and artist decide what kind of lyrics they want and should have.

What kind of lyrics do you want?

Yes, cyberwar.We don´t like wars, no.The wars that will come will have a more obvious factor of cyberwar than ever before.

Hackers will be hired for getting access to other nations sensitive and secure information.

Our traditional values are under attack, the attacks on the police and even ambulances 
are telling us one thing, there are not only real refugees coming into our western countries but also so-called refugees that have a clear jihadistic agenda that we now can see in the many no-go zones.

Although I respect real refugees with right motivation.

Finally, where did the Second World War end? Of course, in Berlin but the crucial was The D-Day.

Here my latest song for YOU!!

He will make me whole again!

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