Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Power of Jamsession

Coffee and many thoughts, that will make my next blogpost.

What is happening right now with my band.First I want to tell you that my band won´t be a traditional band with concerts all the time as I still have my regular job but my vision is to share my music and then build on depending on what contacts are coming in my way.

For all my readers who are following me know how much I am using You Tube

Every musicartist today knows how important it is to be visible on You Tube.

Many of my readers who are following me know that I am also investing/saving in fundshares and recently I brought in profits from a fund, I got 378 dollar in a win.Now and then I am bringing in profits.As you know if you are investing in funds or stocks you know that you have to be patient to bring in the profits, it goes up and down.Follow the market.It´s a necessary income source besides my cleaning job.

I was an owner of a Hammond L-100 in those days I was playing in Solid Faith, on of the former band I have been playing in the past.We combined bluesroots with a heavy form of hardrock.

Whitesnake has always been a band to be inspired by and here......Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues.

I have to mention Dio, one of the greatest voices of all times in one of Rainbow´s
greatest songs....Light In The Black.

As a tip I want to give you an advice to stop surfing on pornsites.

Avoid that kind of sites and you will save energy.

But if you would avoid normal intimacy, friendship, loving yourself or any other kind of love that is normal for you , you can´t stay healthy.

I am still a single.

How am I surviving then? With friendshiplove and different basic love I have mentioned and of course, the love from God.Intimacy for me with a woman belongs to the marriage.However, the basic needs are for me filled in different ways with passion and love.

My latest heavy contribution here:

Remixed Version:


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