Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Brainy Quote

Social Networks and Facebook, is that all in that way?

When comes the next trend after Facebook?

Facebook is here to stay but we could yet see new trends anyway.As I have my own band I am interested in different contacts to share my music even more.As I have mentioned I have played in several bands.So far I am sharing my music on You Tube.

I assume you have seen the movie about how Facebook was founded, if not, here is a part of it where the trial will show who was right and who was wrong in the copyright of the idea behinds Facebook.

Could you imagine yourself come up with an idea like Facebook is? I would be very surprised if you are going to, but to come up with an idea beyond that isn´t impossible.

The guys behind You Tube saw a need on the internet and that was it! The simple fact that noone had innovated that before made it possible.

However, as time goes by it gets harder and harder to come up with something new beyond that.Here is a brilliant quote of the genius......

That pearl comes from this site:

Music has to be motivated by passion and therefore I am making a lot of songs right now.

I will sort out the songs with less quality and keep the best songs if I get the chance to give concerts in a couple of years or possibly earlier.Before that I have my audience on the internet.

Not exactly a sophisticated text on that song, no, but yet a passionate song from my heart.

Finally, a song by the old band Adolphsson & Falk from Sweden:


My latest song here about Real Visions:

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