Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Slow down a bit.....

Everything has to go so fast today, some are so speeded up that they haven´t got time to stop to think a while.

You could get tired by that mentally.Gather energy to the rest of your life and get rid of the energythieves.

You won´t win anything by being constant distressed.

Everything has to slow down instead so people get their time to think what they are doing Some would say, you are getting old man, that´s it!

Ok, I am getting older.However we should be able to handle that, or? With the age comes more experience and hopefully, more wisdom as well.

Where from do you believe the wisdom comes?

Some would say God, other would say the universe.

So for an atheist? Where from comes the wisdom for them? From their thinking you can clearly see that they are seekin their wisdom in the science.And of course, as a christian I can´t say anything against proven science but all kind of science aren´t prooved.

One group that is always working through their lyrics enough every time is Pink Floyd.

Finally, a song about The Creation here:

Excuse me, I can´t resist submitting a song about the speed, hehe.

Here, Speed King with Deep Purple.However, my dear friend, don´t speed things up too fast now.

News Update!!

My latest instrumental here,

The Body Language....

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