Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Shiny Diamond

Learning a language in a country is of course, crucial but culture and tradition is important as well.

I appreciate our skilled leaders of the basic industry the most and the good music we export now and then to the rest of the world.

For me as a christian it is important to try to make a difference in the society I am living in.


I have christian values and I am standing up for them.When our nation had normal wellfare in our nation it was a more safe nation As kids we were out playing on the ground, had races with bicycles and many other activities outside.Today it is more computergames and using of social platforms.We all know that they are here to stay but the swedish school was better many years ago.

Every nation has traditional, historical roots and as a christian nationalist I want to make a point  with the roots since thousands of years ago.
The Viking Leif Ericsson discovered New Foundland and North America.He was a christian viking.

How much hope do we have in our time? This song of Deep Purple is raising many thoughts, listen here.....

They will be together with Alice Cooper in concert.

Nowadays, a nice Alice Cooper.

Finally my latest contribution if you would like to listen to it:

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