Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Discover The Soundtrack

Filmmusic again.

Several years ago, before I did affiliate marketing I was making some filmmusic.It was only a way to figure out what response I would get and it wasn´t much.But it was also a way to get curious for filmmusic and today my readers and viewers are more curious on what music I am making.

After all. I have several years of experience in the world of music.

The new situation for me is that I am singing more to my songs than before.I am composing everything from my Yamaha keyboard.Now to the first soundtrack from a movie I like.

A classic movie with Clint Eastwood.

Suddenly you get that inspiraton for that next song and it will be an instrumental one.Stay tuned for it!

Do you remember the creepy feeling in this legend of movies:

Sure it is a very important part of the movie, isn´t it?

It can´t take over the movie , yet it has the purpose to lift the movie to a higher level.

Skyfall, A James Bond-movie contains an excellent track which sounds like this....

This is my latest contribution, an instrumental one.I got the idea to the title from the point of view that I have been inspired of very different kind of styles of music when I grew up.I hope you will enjoy it:

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