Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power.

Simple expressed, if you have knowledge in a specific area, you feel safe to talk about it and you feel confident to convey it to others.Knowledge nake you confident overall and you will make sure that others get your tips along the way of your adventures in a business or in your seminars on the musicworld.

Of course, you could sell your own music online but that is for sure a real challenge.

Realistically, that is more possible for the already well-known band but ok., with much of quality in your music and good contacts you could get a deal somewhere.

Don´t get limited anywhere.If you are keen on listening to a lot of songs daily and want to produce a lot as well, go on and do it.Don´t let anyone stop you.

On the other side, you may need half a year of wondering about the next song

Do you like Whiskey? I don´t like it but this is a good song, good to dance to, for example.
Don´t let anyone stop you, do what you want to.There are forces in this world which get jealous on people who dare to go on and realize their passion and dreams into reality.

My latest song is about don´t getting stuck in unrealistic thinking but that said I would recommend you to going on with your visions and not give up on them.

If you need a group on Google + where you could submit your blog I would recommend 


My latest song here about perspective....

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