Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rainbow Eyes

Do you feel well?

You need to look after your health overall to feel well.

Do you brush your teeth every day?

Your inner wealth is as important, of course.It will decide if you will be able to make the music you want or not.Find your inspiration to make the great and artistic music you want, my friend.

Chicago The Band, read here.

What is your real inspiration?

God? Architecture? Solely your own ideas.....

Whatever lies behind the idea to the next song, make sure you are contrbuting with something you can be proud of later.If not, sort it out and keep the cool songs with quality.

We know that we are listening to songs for the moment out from the mood and senses we have.

How many covers are made on that song? Who knows? Very many and I love this song.
I am improving my singing and then I am listening to old hits of Deep Purple and especially Rainbow.

Tragically, Sweden and Stockholm was hit yesterday by terror and this song was composed with a picture with thoughts on the victims and their dear ones.

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