Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Come Taste The Water

Today is my birthday so I would like to keep it to a short blogpost.

If you want to wish me luck in my life please use the commentfield to wish me a Happy Birthday.

The idea behind my latest song is about to drink of the living water that The Lord has for your soul, for your inner man.

Enjoy it:

Stay Tuned For More!!

This my latest song is very similar to the kind of sound we had in Solid Faith those days when we were out playing with that band.

Welcome back again!

You may be the searcher who may think where the earth and heaven are coming from.In my opinion the earth and heaven were created by the creative forces from The Creator Himself, Father God in heaven:

Back Again with some updates....

I worked out a new instrumental song yesterday called The Autobahn.As I have travelled a lot through the years with my parents on holidays on the autobahn I got the idea to the title from there.Sometimes it is hard to find a title to an instrumental song but I found that subject to be a way to approach it:

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