Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tear Down That Wall

How many styles of music are you interested in?

Before I am going to handle this object I have to adress that the changes my blog has been going through is a process that depends on that I found out that the investings/savings I have besides my regular cleaning job are enough, I didn´t need my firm longer besides my regular job.

When I grew up I listened to many styles and learned that many bands have a lot of references when it comes to bands and even classical music.

I was inspired by jazz for a period but that went to a journey where it ended into too much of experimental jazz and I moved on to symphonyrock and hardrock again.

What about more calm music? Ballads, calm instrumental music

Scorpions is a metalband who likes to deliver some very strong ballads from time to time and I am sure you know many of the most wellknown of them, here is one:

The lyrics is about when the wall between West-Germany and DDR fell and it became obvious for all what really had been a reality on the communistic side of wall.

Therefore, The Wind of Change.

Well, well, how about the story behind one of the most well-known hits you have heard.

Here is one of the most played covers, Black Night and the riff behind...

Different issues in the english schools are handled in the well-known
album The Wall of Pink Floyd.

We don´t need more walls between teachers and pupils, we don´t need more walls between nations either.

A spritual wall in form of disbelief and different obstacles in your mind is another dimension.One of my songs, Tear Down That Wall:

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