Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Hope In The Dark

And there it happened again, a suicidebomber has gone crazy again and many innocent youngsters were murdered or injured.

Typical for a time like this were many patterns reminds us about the time for the cold war.How to protect against these losers? They show their hatred actions against society and democracy and one of my songs which I have presented before has got a text about this:

During the 70:s we could read about this terrorattack during the olympic games:

And in this time it all started with the terrorattack on World Trade Center....

We have to stick to our open society, defend democracy even if everyone who wants to see the whole picture of it should know that this is a series of escatological events that will end in the most extreme of all societies where the mark of the beast will show and everything else of the escatological aspects of what The Revelation Book tells us about.

That of historical events noone can stop, only delay.

A hopeful album of this band is here,


And Finally the latest song I have published on the same theme:


For those who might wonder about the business I am doing when it comes to fundshares I can tell you that part is doing well and I have brought in good profits so far, this year.I have also recognized how much in focus BitCoins is in today´s internet business overall.It would be sound if they could see BitCoin as a complement to what banks are dealing with, not as the replacement for traditional papermoney and currencies. 

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