Tuesday, May 16, 2017

You gotta serve somebody

The society of today is so violent that it´s sometomes schocking.

Murder after murder and all sorts of criminal activities.

My christian friends always say that Jesus is the answer and of course, as a christian I agree 

However, I am glad that we also have the possibilities within a democracy to chose the party we want to and possibly even can engage even more if someone has that call.

I am not any time to the left politically but to take an example from Bob Dylan.

Either you are serving God or Mammon.

You can never mix The Church and The Government with each other, there always has to be a distance there or we would get people who would require teocracy instead of democracy and the is simply unrealistic.

A band as Whitesnake, does David Coverdale always sing about sex and drugs or do they wake up as the grow older?

I would say, yes and no but the lyrics are more often more mature as the time passes by.

The man with the good heart, Coverdale.

Whitesnake is playing hardrock with blues in the bottom.

Here are my latest songs:

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