Friday, June 23, 2017

Don´t Limit Yourself

Don´t limit yourself as a composer.

Remember to build a character.

I suppose you have seen me in a hat in various recordings and that is a part of the brand.

Find your niche, you can´t represent all styles in what you are doing and composing.
What styles do you like, what styles have you for the most been inspired of?

Only The Sky Is The Limit:

Take it to the next level and keep the love in what you are doing.

Listen to constructive tips from those you are surrounded with, listen carefully to them cause if they are serious they want to contribute to what you are making as a whole.

In the beginning they won´t come in thousands to you but there could be something bigger from the small you are beginning with.

This second instrumental one is about the truth that all stars have been lonely for a while while they started out once.

Then some of them became stars, some other didn´t make it that far but maybe they became good, local talents at least.

Genesis has always been a true inspiration for me and I listened to Duke´s Travels And Duke´s End many times.During that times they realy made their music, not any plastic copies of each other, they were really uniqe similar to many bands that were founded then.

Nowadays we hear a lot of tries to copy other bands and singers, many tries to make covers and even worse many rap and hip-hop bands.

Covers are ok. but honestly many of these rap and hip-hopbands are nearly destroying parts of the music industry.

Finally there, another instrumental contribution, inspired of the productions of Hellborg, Jens and Anders Johansson.


Now I am using my microphone in my recordings, ok!

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