Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Like A Hurricane

Many bloggers have stopped blogging and one can wonder why.

Is it resignation or is it lack of inspiration?

If you have been blogging you should know that there are many bloggers out there who want to read what you have.

You don´t need to be the best in the world of everything, stop that uthopiaway of thinking.If you have a talent, make what you can with that gift.

Don´t press yourself too much but know that you can share a lot to your circle of readers.

Strive for the best quality you can, don´t give up!

I have often had the feeling from Mike Oldfield that he is the musicteacher when he is performing.

That´s more than music!

My blog is about more than only music, it´s about general tips of blogging and some other time about ideas in the financial world as I am investing and saving in fundshares and with success.

In November I will go to Gothenberg, Scandinavium  

with a friend, the subject for the jorney is a concert with Scorpions....

Rock you like a hurricane.....

I hope you will be able to avoid  The Stormbringer:

What lies behind the next corner? The next opportunity?

Don´t miss my latest song:

See The King!

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