Friday, June 30, 2017

Take it to Heaven

Take it to the next level!

Whatever you are blogging about, prepare yourself for the next level of it.

Be inspired of.....the good lust, the good desire, the right music and be passionate.

To be stuck in low desires is to invite the death but to strive for the higher way of good desires is something better.

Take it to your home, take it to the next level......take it to heaven one day!

What are your needs? We all have needs on different areas and we all need basic things in life, we all know that.

Not only the work and other duties but also deep needs as music and other needs which the evolvement may bring you to in your walks and ways in the life.

Pretty hard for the computer to learn to play, eh? It takes a human to play the tunes, that´s how it is!

If you have been blogging in the past but became tired of it you should consider to pick it up again.

You may discover to blog from another angle when you are starting all over again.

Heading for the weekend I am motivated to motivate you to pick up blogging again.Often it is a question to get rid of the heavy stuff in our brains that constantly wants to bring you down.
Finally, have a fantastic weekend, please watch one of my songs here:

Seek God´s Kingdom and His Righteousness:

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