Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Time of Flowers

It sounds a little strange but one can actually be addicted to write too many songs.

However, as a songwriter and maker of lyrics I have found that one can solve that with sorting the worse ideas from the better ideas and only keep those which really holds in the end.

Whatever you do, don´t stop the flow of ideas in your head, that would be like stopping your own life and your own personal evolvement.

It is Wednesday and schools out for the most pupils in this time of year.

Don´t be like Alice Cooper even if he had some points with his hardrocksong on this theme...

What kind of hymn do you associate with Scool´s Out?

We are having this in Sweden....

The 70:s was the time for the flower-power movement and Woodstock was the world-known festival with many bands like Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and many others.

And since then the big arenaconcerts and similar festivals have been more frequently represented in various size.

Take a look at Deep Purple rocking at Wakken, for example:

Do you prefer the music coming in this time or do you prefer the music of

The Good Old Days?

News Update!!

My latest instrumental here...


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Gord said...

Hi Mattias,

You mention about writing a lot of songs and/or ideas. Reminds me
of writers everyday jotting down ideas as the come to mind or
seeing something that inspires for a story, or song in your case.
One day, the book comes together.

Keep up the great work.

Not a lot of us consistent Bloggers around from years back.


Mattias Kroon said...

Sure, it works the same way if someone want to write a book or something else.My blogging works as general tips and ideas.Many have stopped blogging, I am glad that you, Gord continue to keep up your talented and good work as well.