Friday, July 14, 2017

Experiences, use them

The musicworld will always live in one way or the other.

However, different opinions on how it is run will always exist as well.

Do they discover new talents who really appreciate not only the music in itself but also the lyrics.

When you discuss this with others they claim they are hardly not listening to lyrics at all, they only remember a positive part of it.

I can understand that but when we grew up we were discussing the content of the lyrics mainly in symphonyrockbands but also some other bands.

The best managers want to care about the whole musicmarket in a more responsible way.

Concerning the lyrics there....

                                                         So, so you think you can tell
                                            Heaven from hell
                                            Blue skies from pain
                                            Can you tell a green field
                                            From a cold steel rail?
                                            A smile from a veil?
                                            Do you think you can tell?

                                            Did they get you to trade 
                                            Your heroes for ghosts?
                                            Hot ashes for trees?
                                            Hot air for a cool breeze?
                                            Cold comfort for change?
                                            And did you exchange 
                                            A walk on part in the war
                                            For a lead role in a cage?

                                            How I wish, how I wish you were here
                                            We're just two lost souls  Swimming in a fish bowl
                                            Year after year
                                            Running over the same old ground 
                                            And how we found 
                                            The same old fears 
                                            Wish you were here

Do you like the poetry in the lyrics there?
Many years ago when I studied different forms of poetry I wondered what use of it I would have in the future.
Today, I understand I got use of it when I am writing lyrics to my songs.

Part of the lyrics here....

Seek God´s Kingdom and His righteousness and you will have the timing in it all.

Yesterday I was involved in a discussion concerning being a christian vs. an atheist.There were more people in the discussion and we came to the conclusion that it is always a matter of faith or not.

It is always a matter of experiences and if you have experienced God in a personal way or not.

I have had this video before but I have chosen it because it tells you so much about the christian faith.

If you are down in your life you can rise again as a person due to the power in Christ and overcome the hard paths we all some time in the life have to go through with different experiences.

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